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Hot or Cold Activity

Here's a perfect, year-round activity to play with your young ones! Whether it's in a storytime, classroom, or home, kids love deciding what objects are hot and which ones are cold. At the Cape May County Library, we printed our list, laminated them, and added magnets to use on a felt board. Depending on the size of your storytime, classroom, or home, you can either give each child a card to place under the appropriate category, or hold them up one at a time and have the kids yell out the appropriate temperate. Click here to view and print our "Hot or Cold" activity!

Farm or Zoo Activity

Animals are always a hit with kids of all ages! One of our favorite activities is "Farm or Zoo," where the kids get to decide who lives where. After printing, laminating, and adding magnets to the back of the animals, storytime attendees have had a great time figuring out the home of their animal. Depending on the size of the storytime group or classroom, each child can get a card and assign it a home, or they can be shown the card and yell out where it lives. Click here to download and print our "Farm or Zoo" activity! 


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