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Garden Sensory Bin

We had so much fun at garden storytime last week! We had even more fun digging in our “garden” for this week’s sensory activity.


Creating this sensory activity was incredibly simple and can be done with simple items from around the house or classroom. Our main ingredient was black beans; ACME had an incredible sale - buy one get two free! Then, we added in our bugs - specifically, this set from Oriental Trading: 


Several years ago, we hosted a lua and had a large number of leis left over. These were great to cut and use as the flowers. Additionally, we used the Ellison to cut more shapes, including bugs and flowers in various colors from foam. After that, we grabbed some shovels and went to town! Enjoy making and playing with your sensory bin!


Ducks on the Pond

Spring is finally here! That means storytimes are back, too. For our first week back, we explored ducks and other spring objects with water play. With themed rubber ducks being an annual prize for summer reading, we have plenty of leftovers. Using Color Splash! Liquid Watercolor (, we changed the water to a wide variety of colors; food dye would work great, too. We also used foam lily pads (as foam does not sink in water), to support our ducks. Not only that, artificial flowers, in this case cut-up leis from an old lua program, were the perfect addition! Wonderful to try at your next bird, spring, or pond storytime, or at home with your little ones! For added fine motor skill practice, add in some measuring cups or large spoons - kids will develop scooping and sorting skills.


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