Check out our fun guessing game! We love transportation and things-that-go, and this game ties in so many types of vehicles. Click here to view and print the vehicle guessing game! We cut out the images, laminated them, and added magnets for use during storytime. Here is the full rhyme:

I have headlights and a steering wheel.

I take you near and far.

My Horn says honk! And my engine says vroom!

Hop in! I am a [car].

I pull cars along the rails.

I chug thought sun or rain.

My smokestack lets out a woo-woo!

Hop aboard! I am a [train].

I’ll take you soaring in the sky.

We’ll reach the clouds and sun!

I come in bright colors, with a basket for you.

Hop in! I am a [hot air balloon].

I have two wheel and a handlebar,

And pedals you will like.

You can ride me down the road.

Hop on! I am a [bike].

I have wings and an engine that roars.

My comfy cabin chairs contain

Lots of seats where passengers sit.

Hop aboard! I am a [plane].

I have a great big cab and a loud horn,

And big wheels so I won’t get stuck,

A giant trailer to carry big loads.

Hop aboard! I am a [truck].